Engineering For Paper Manufacturing

It is an Egyptian private shareholding company established in 2018 and the first production started in 2019. Despite the short life of the company in the paper market, we have achieved a great spread in the Egyptian and global market and the reason for this spread is the diversity of our products and the production of a high-quality product capable of competing with imported products, because We have the latest equipment and the finest materials available, enabling us to produce (Fluting - Fluting High Performance Paper - Testliner High Performance Treated Double Sides Paper) of the highest quality and all grams and sizes. The company aims to meet the needs of the Egyptian and global market with a high quality product and an appropriate price for customers

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Testliner High Performance Treated Double Sides Paper

Our double-sided testliner is characterized by strong tensile and explosive strength, achieving the highest required specifications, and is characterized by the processing power that makes it used in boxes that may be exposed to high humidity or enter refrigerators.

Fluting High Performance Paper

Fluting High Performance is characterized by the force of pressure in the polygonal layer of the carton box. The luxurious flute of the engineering company is characterized by achieving international specifications from CMT, RCT, SCT.

Normal fluting

Normal flutin is characterized by the smoothness of the paper due to the presence of the clinder that works in turn on the paper, making it easier to print on it.